article marketing success how to find powerful keywords in your niche

Most new online article authors learn fast that good keyword research is at the heart of successful online marketing. It is a formula for failure to assume that choosing the first words that come to mind is the best strategy. In this article I will briefly outline a powerful strategy for successfully choosing keywords and titles for online articles and videos.
I am going to briefly discuss five key steps to follow when choosing what keywords to use in your title and tags. I have found that skipping any of the follow steps can seriously hurt an author’s click through rate. Most folks find that these steps are simple and easy to master with a little practice.
Step One: Consider the Needs of Your Audience
You readers found your article because they were online searching for something. When you are choosing a subject to cover make sure you are putting yourself in the potential reader’s shoes. What kind of audience are you attempting to attract to your product or service? Take time to write down as many possible subjects to cover as you can think of. Anything related to your niche. Ask yourself: How does my product or service help people? What problem does it solve in their life? Your initial answers should be put into short three to four word statements. There are your potential keywords.
Step Two: Consider You Content
Most online article authors have a goal of driving traffic to a particular landing page or websites. Although, this may be your end goal, it should not be your focus when writing your article. If you want people to read through your article and actually go to your recourse box; you must provide them something of value! The recourse box is your take. They article body is where you give. Ask yourself: What is the problem I am attempting to solve for my reader? Or what is the question I am trying to answer? Then make sure that your article provides the solution that you have promised to provide in your title and introduction. As you consider your subject, write down the key words that describe it.
Step Three: Choose Potential Keywords that Cover Your Content and the Needs of Your Audience
Now review the ideas you have concerning your audience’s needs and your content. Pick out a few phrases that you feel would: 1) Let your potential readers know that you understand their needs. 2) Accurately describe what your article provides.